Refreshments Really Mean, TO REFRESH!

Cuisine & Company wants to be a part of your event, from our yummy food, to our incredible serving staff, to especially this time of year, our cool and delicious beverages! outdoor wedding ideas in virginia beach

When planning the beverage amounts for your guests, ask your caterer for a suggestive bar list.  Cuisine & Company offers a variety of bar options for your event, to name a few, Full Bar, Cash Bar, Wine & Beer, non alcoholic drinks like refreshing agua frescas!.  Included in most of your wedding package selections, Cuisine & Company will also provide one of our experienced bartenders.  See your catering wedding package for more details!

outdoor wedding reception ideas in virginia beachThe number of alcohol or non alcohol drinks will vary.  We suggest you calculate the length of the party, the number of guests and the strength of the beverages.

For cocktails: You may figure that your guests will consume (2) drinks per person per hour for the first (2) hours and (1) drink per person per hour after that.  Talk to your caterer to find out more about our bar setups: mixers, fruit, ice, coolers, bar equipment, etc.

For Beer: We suggest (5) six-packs of beer for ten people, based on a twelve-ounce serving unless your guests primarily drink beer.

For Wine: We suggest roughly half a bottle of wine per guest. The true number of bottles required will also depend upon your guests and how much they consume.  You should get roughly (5) servings per bottle. Depending on the season, the temperature is also a factor in selecting which wine to choose for your guests.

Soft Drinks & Water: If your guests will be dancing the night away, make sure you provide plenty of non alcoholic drinks to quench their thirst. There are about (10) eight-ounce glasses of soda in a (2)-liter bottle.

Specialty non alcoholic drinks! At Cuisine & Company, a popular refreshment in the summer is a delightful and refreshing ‘fresh water’ drink with fresh fruit, known as Agua Frescas!  From a vast selection of fruit choices, this delightful drink is served in lovely glass jars.  They not only satisfy your thirst, but compliment the ambiance with bright colors of fruit and display!

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