Budget Friendly Fridays in The Yacht Club Room

While the most popular day to book a wedding will always be Saturday, brides who book their wedding on a Friday night in The Yacht Club Room can earn huge perks.

Aside from the obvious cost savings, booking a Friday night in The Yacht Club Room can have other advantages for your wedding as well.

  • Black Iris Floral Events will offer a complimentary Bridal Bouquet* ($150 value)
  • Cuisine & Company will offer a complimentary butlered hor d’oeuvre* ($4pp value)
  • Astro Entertainment will offer a complimentary lighting package* ($750 value)
  • ALL INCLUSIVE PACKAGES START AT JUST $9999 for a Friday night in the Yacht Club Room for 100 guests.
  • Friday weddings allow the potential to have an all-weekend affair, allowing more time with your guests AFTER the wedding, not before when you’re scurrying with last minute details.
  • We understand the biggest drawback from planning a Friday Wedding is that your guests may not be able to make it as easily. However, keep in mind this is your wedding day. Your RSVP’s are sent out well in advance for a reason… so they “Save The Date”.
  • Friday is a favorite day of the week to let loose and your guests will love starting their weekend with your celebration!
  • Start your event at 6/6:30pm so people at work can still make it to the wedding.
  • Most Out-of-Town guests are happy to have a 3-day weekend in Virginia Beach and we can help arrange a block of rooms at local hotels to earn a discount.
“Love the silver lining in the Friday night wedding ceremony! I went through the decision-making process to select a date (Friday vs. Saturday vs. Sunday) and landed on Saturday. If I’d thought about it like this, I might have changed my mind!”*Limited time offer only. See sales specialist for full details.

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