There’s a hot new color on the wedding palette. Eco-conscious couples are adding a big splash of green to their wedding plans. It’s a great way to begin a sustainable lifestyle together and encourage friends and loved ones to do the same.

Here are some tips for planning your eco-friendly wedding:

Invite your guests on unique papers made from kenaf, rice or recycled papers. Another option is to send invitations out via email (save paper invitations for those who do not have Internet access) and set up a website where your guests can find all of the pertinent information. Select a website host who is eco-friendly. is a hosting service powered solely by renewable energy.

Eco-Friendly Wedding Reception IdeasRings
Shop for eco-friendly, fair trade gold and platinum. 18 carat gold and platinum from reprocessed sources is also an option. If purchasing diamonds, make sure they are conflict free diamonds. Diamonds grown in a laboratory are a stunning alternative. Check out unique rings made from wood or coconut.

Wedding Attire
The growing eco-friendly industry has widened the choice for wedding attire. Regardless of your taste – fancy or simple – hemp and organic cotton dresses are available. Select a dress or suit you can wear again or have dyed after the wedding. The same ideas apply to bridesmaid dresses. Opt for a family tradition, wear your mother or grandmother’s wedding dress or shop vintage stores for just the right fit. After your wedding, donate your dress to the

Green Wedding Reception IdeasBlooms and Candles
The flowers and plants that adorn your wedding venue should be organic, and preferably locally grown. Use potted plants when possible, especially for reception centerpieces, and allow guests to take them home    as a reminder of the important role we all play in preserving our natural resources. Plants and flowers can also be donated to nursing homes or Hospice facilities after your ceremony. Philodendrons are a top choice because studies have shown they remove formaldehyde from the air. Black Iris Floral Events has planned a number of green weddings.

Candles add a romantic air to your wedding, but select environmentally friendly unscented or candles made with 100% nontoxic essential oils for your wedding day.

Arrive in style at your reception in a hybrid car  or limo. Select our eco-friendly caterer Cuisine & Company, a Certified Green Company.