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Astro DJs can make you “light” on your feet!


If you are looking to add some pizazz and a very unique addition to your wedding reception, try Astro’s LED Dance Floor. Remember Michael Jackson in the “Billie Jean” video or John Travolta’s dance moves on the lighted dance floor in “Saturday Night Fever”? Astro’s LED dance floor takes lighted dance floors to a new level. LED is the cutting edge state-of-the-art way to illuminate, and the LED dance floor has hundreds of color combinations for dancing and can be customized to match the color scheme of your reception. The lights can pulsate with the music or be set to a dreamy white for your first dance. Astro’s LED dance floor can be customized to perfectly fit any of The Yacht Club at Marina Shores’ party rooms, too!

LED dance floor at Marina Shores

2014 Color of the Year – Radiant Orchid



DIY: Wedding Signage

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Signs.

Many couples are looking for a special way they can customize their ceremony and wedding reception to enhance their theme.  An excellent way to add your personal touch and satisfy your Pinterest-inspired need to get your hands dirty is wedding signage.

Simple…or ornate, signs are a great way to guide your guests politely, express your love for each other and set the tone for your theme.  Below are some examples of weddings signs used for every stage of a ceremony and reception.

Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club-1 Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club-2.jpg Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club-3.jpg Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club-4.jpg Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club-5.jpg Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club-6.jpg Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club-7.jpg Wedding-Signs_The-Yacht-Club

Customize Your Wedding with Astro Entertainment

Astro Entertainment at The Yacht Club

It’s your big day and you have chosen The Yacht Club at Marina Shores.  Your DJ is Astro Entertainment – now what?  Astro and The Yacht Club have much to offer to personalize your wedding to your exact tastes. For example, recently Danny Gray DJ’d the ceremony and reception for Katie and Jeffrey Hoover. The ceremony had a traditional feel to it as classical music filled the air. The couple modernized the event by adding a tree planting ceremony in lieu of a unity candle.

As the ceremony wrapped up and the wedding party was off to take photos, the guests were invited to partake in the cocktail hour in the stunning Coastal Room. While guests enjoyed hor d’oeuvres, Astro’s Instant Memories Photo/Video Booth offered them a chance to capture some fun photos and leave the newlyweds a video message.

Once the photos were finished the wedding party was introduced to Chris Brown’s “Forever” followed by the bride and groom dancing their way in to T.I.’s “Bring Em Out”. Katie and Jeffrey then joined in their first dance to The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Dancing in the Moonlight“.

The night progressed into dancing and fun well into the evening. As the music continued to get folks up and moving, the smiles and laughs could be seen and heard throughout the venue. The night wrapped up with all the guests surrounding the newlyweds chanting “Hoover, Hoover, Hoover” as Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” played.

Customize your wedding. Start with the elegant charms of Marina Shores then let Astro customize the rest. Want to add interactive elements? Visual displays? Lighted Dance Floor?  Photo Booths? Astro offers much to customize your wedding to your exact specifications!


Saturday evening June 29th, Nicole and Sean were married at The Yacht Club at Marina Shores.  The DJ, Delvin Peeks, kept the guests entertained and the bride and groom had a good time.

The food was provided by Cuisine & Company and the flowers and decor were beautifully done by Black Iris Floral Designs.  The guests enjoyed the photo booth and the props.  A great time was had by all!

Congratulations Nicole and Sean!  Best wishes to you both!

- ShutterBooth Hampton Roads

2013. 2013.


You Want Color?? You Got It!

Free Color Table LinensThe Yacht Club at Marina Shores is THRILLED to announce that beginning Sept 15, 2013, Black Iris Floral Events,  will begin including an array of striking colors to the free linen selection as part of The Yacht Club at Marina Shores’ wedding packages.

What does that mean exactly?  You are no longer limited to the standard White, Black or Ivory linen selections as previously advertised in our packages.  You can now have RED, ORANGE, PURPLE, BLUE, TEAL, etc. at no extra cost.

Specialty linens (lace patterns, satins, etc and overlays) will remain additional.
Table LinensTable LinensTable LinensTable Linens



BridesmaidsSo, let’s hear it, brides. What’s almost as fun to shop for as your wedding gown???? Bridesmaid’s dresses, of course! Not unlike playing dress-up as a little girl, taking your special gals to find the fabrics they’ll wear to your big day is just about as close to a perfect time as you can get.

Throw in pedicures and some champagne and you’re in the throws of matrimonial preparatory bliss. But the bridesmaid gown hunt isn’t always just fun and games, and it isn’t always easy.

Take an average of 5 ladies and try to get them all to agree on a dress that will compliment each of their unique features, shapes and sizes, and well, maybe things aren’t as blissful as they started out.

But here’s ShutterBooth Hampton Roads‘ 3 Tips for the Perfect Bridesmaids Dress Shopping Experience:

1. Have a Game Plan

Be sure to have an idea of the type of gown your looking for, general color scheme, fit and style before you even get the gals together. Otherwise, be prepared for more opinions than you can keep track of, and potential clashing of the titans. You wouldn’t lead troops to battle, without a strategy  . . . trust us, this scenario is just as important.

2. Be Considerate of Your Bridesmaid’s Feelings

There may be certain styles of colors that make one or more of your bridesmaids seem a little unenthusiastic about. Don’t immediately peg them as drama queens. It could be an insecurity they’re dealing with that makes them extra sensitive to certain looks on their body types. Be flexible when it comes to this. It’s your day, but she’s being a friend to you in participating, and you want to make your ladies feel as good about themselves as you do.

3. Remember to Have Fun!

It can be easy to let the stresses of planning your big day build up until it all feels a little overwhelming, even like a chore. Mix in emotion and differing opinions, and  your headed for a storm. Keep in mind what you’re all gathered together for and make it fun! Kick off your heels and let the dress-up begin!

Well, there you have it! ShutterBooth Hampton Roads’ top three tips for a flawless bridesmaid dress shopping experience.

Happy Planning!!

It’s The Little Things

Personalize your photos, song list, or even the way that you’re introduced into your reception with a nod to you or your spouses profession! In the ShutterBooth prop box, its always great to add props that reflect your profession or hobbies!

These adorable school teachers met teaching and fell in love! So they would have to bring their love of teaching to their special day!slide_277753_2043587_free-300x200

This bride found a hero! A perfect match, indeed!slide_277753_2043582_free-e1374526046728-269x300

Sew a secret message onto the underside of your gown—only you’ll know it’s there, but it will add a sentimental touch to your bridal ensemble. This bride cut fabric from three generations of family members’ clothing into the shape of hearts. They were sewn into her dress so that she could “carry their hearts” with her. What a special something blue!slide_277753_2043568_free-e1374526285431-300x262


Or you could secretly scrawl a love letter for your ‘sole’ mate, on the sole of their shoe!slide_277753_2043682_free-e1374526580376-206x300

Bring lots and lots of beautiful color into your day with these ideas.

Colorful pom-poms can be tossed as the newlyweds exit down the aisle. And of course what a fun way to entertain the kids at your wedding by making a game out of picking up pom poms!slide_277753_2044047_free-e1374527024195-300x201

In lieu of having a receiving line or rice toss, this couple took a group photo with all of their guests, in which each person held a colorful balloon. After photos, have everyone let the balloons go and watch them float away! Or, simply bring them into the reception and use them to fill your party with lots of color!slide_277753_2044061_free-300x218

Are you and your groom as obsessed with Instagram as I am? Then, display a sign at your reception with a specific hashtag guests can use to track photos from your wedding. I love this idea, pictures can be shared and who doesn’t love coming up with hashtags?! You can even upload mini videos!slide_277753_2076117_free-300x218

When you come up with something that is special about you and your fiance, don’t just sit there with it, make it work for you to enhance your special day!

- Courtesy of ShutterBooth Hampton Roads