Top 5 Reasons You NEED A Photo Booth At Your Reception

Shutterbooth photo booth for your reception5) You spent a lot of money on your photographer and you want them focused on YOU!
– You don’t want all that money just wasted as your guests are caught in uncomfortable moments or document as they try and force a smile for your photographer. Let the photographer focus on you and your new spouse and let the photo booth capture all the fun your guests are having.

4) A traditional guest book is SOOOOOOO boring!
– You’ve sent engagement announcements, save the date’s, and wedding invitations; you know everyone’s address. Use the scrapbook as a guest book and have something you’re really treasure. Singles, couples, and families will love going into the photo booth to get their picture taken, and afterward a copy can be placed in a scrapbook where they can leave words of wisdom and well wishes.

3) You’ve already have the staged photos of the wedding party!
– Now grab up all your best girls and guys and cram into the photo booth for some shots that won’t soon be forgotten.

2) How many receptions have you been to with a photo booth?
– Having a photo booth at your reception will make it stick out from all the boring wedding receptions your guests have been to over the years. Let’s be honest, you’re spending a large sum of money to make your day memorable, not only for you, but also for your guests. Renting a photo booth will have a lot more to do with your guests memories than your place settings or how unique your invitations were.

1) Fun for ALL!
– Young or old, single or married, renting a photo booth will provide your guests with a new level of fun not present at most wedding receptions they’ve been to. Your younger guests will love that they can go online and see their photos shortly after your wedding. Your old guests will love the feeling of nostalgia that getting into a photo booth brings them.