This week, Lauren sat down with Pari and Roger at Astro Entertainment to learn more about the company, their roles and why they love entertaining. Read about it below!

L: Astro has been connected to The Yacht Club for a while now. How did that all get started?

P: Well, Todd at Black Iris reached out to our owner back when you all were establishing The Yacht Club as a wedding venue. Astro has been in business 30 years now, which we’re very proud of, and a Yacht Club vendor from the start.


L: Pari, I know that you’re a member of the day-of coordination team. What else makes Astro a good choice for brides and grooms?

P: The day-of coordination is a unique aspect of Astro; it’s something we do offer if brides and grooms are interested. With our weddings, we work hard to make sure the needs of the couple are met. We have 18 DJ’s who are wedding-specific and incredibly talented. We make sure every couple gets matched with the DJ who best fits their personality, wants/needs and their musical style (based off the song list the couple fills out). That takes a lot of trust- the couple trusts us to make sure it’s a good fit.


L: What would you tell a couple who’s on the fence about hiring Astro for their wedding?

P: With Astro, you’re going to get an army of talented DJ’s who are insured and have the experience and expertise to handle any situation. Our DJ’s are strong entertainers who are well-versed in weddings and special events. They’ve got a strong presence, talent and the knowledge to help you through your entire day.

R: We always make sure to have a plan. We provide the things you might not think of- like a lapel microphone for your officiant and microphones for your readers. We also act as your emcee throughout the reception. We know how a wedding day works and can make sure the night goes off without a hitch. We want the night to be a blast for both you and your guests!


L: What sorts of fun elements can you add to a wedding or special event?

P: Astro provides several different entertainment elements. We offer photo booth services, special packages for corporate events (e.g. casino night package), teambuilding activities (like a Family Feud-style game show), gaming stations, and even concessions! We also offer gear like sound systems and wireless uplighting. Anything that’s off the wall, we can take care of it!


L: What do you enjoy most about entertaining at Yacht Club weddings?

P: Our clients have peace of mind when their wedding is at The Yacht Club. It’s easy- they don’t have to worry about things getting done. Your venue is like a well-oiled machine; it’s provides calmer planning experience for your couples.

R: I love the staff at The Yacht Club. They are all super friendly, accommodating and willing to help us out when we need it!


L: What something people might not know about Astro Entertainment?

R : DJ’ing is like second nature to us. Half of us began as club DJ’s and the other half as radio DJ’s. There’s more to it than just Dj’ing- there’s a lot of behind the scenes stuff that people don’t see. We’re all here Monday through Friday assisting with our customer service, marketing, sales and vendor relations departments.


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