Brides are faced with all sorts of challenges, from dress choices to budget to cake flavors.  Every detail of her wedding is carefully thought through and weighed against many things.  And of course, the question of “To PhotoBooth or not to Photobooth” comes up (we certainly hope!!).  Some brides are afraid that the awkwardness of a booth at their reception would outweigh the fun of the booth.  Well, fear not, there are many ways to incorporate the photobooth into other aspects of the wedding that blend it seamlessly.  One of these fun and classy avenues are bookmark sleeves.  These nifty little sleeves are stuffed with either escort cards or little notes inviting guests to use the booth at their leisure.  The inserts are color matched with the personalized logo that appear on the strips (coordinated with the bride and her colors/theme).  These little touches are a fantastic way to tie in the photobooth with both the theme and color of the reception.

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