Here at ShutterBooth, we get booked for weddings first, last, and everywhere in between. So no matter if you are getting married next week or next year, here are some things to look for in your photo booth rental company.

Is it all they do?
Photo booth rentals have become all the rage all across the country. We can certainly see the trend increasing here in our Hampton Roads area. From the waterfront in Virginia Beach to the wine country in Charlottesville, ShutterBooth has made guests happy all across the Old Dominion. There were some competitors when we started a year ago, and there have been more pop up since we’ve started. Photo booth rentals are ALL WE DO! Some companies try do do it all for you, and that’s fine for them. They pride themselves on being the Walmart of Weddings. Walmart is great, but not for your wedding. Don’t go to a one stop shop, get an expert to handle your ShutterBooth experience. You can rest easy knowing that we aren’t worried about being the DJ, being the florist, being the planner, being the best man, being the caterer, being whatever. We are your go-to photo booth guys, nothing more.

What does their booth look like?
Photo Booth
Our booths are designed with your wedding in mind. We know that you wouldn’t want some cheesy looking photo booth at your wedding drawing attention and stares away from you. That is why we spent so much time designing the perfect booth for your wedding. Our elegant, sleek booth won’t stick out like a sore thumb. You’re taking a big gamble if you book a photo booth without seeing it first. Call us to set up an appointment to see the booth and see it for yourself.

How much photo booth experience do they have?
This is a new industry, and everyone is trying to cash in on the fun we bring to your wedding. Everyone in Hampton Roads is new to the photo booth thing, but only one has the backing of a coast to coast company that has done thousands of events. With us, you get the best of both worlds, the personal service you expect from a mom and pop shop, but the backing and knowledge of the country’s leader in photo booth rentals.

Who is going to be running the booth?
At ShutterBooth, we are very selective about who we let host your wedding. Our hosts are cheerful and LOVE showing people the fun of ShutterBooth for the first time. Your host will be with you the whole way, from set up before your event, to take down after your event. They won’t be running back and forth from the DJ booth or trying to get that great shot of you and and your mother on the dance floor. Their only job is to provide your guests with theBEST ShutterBooth experience.

Can they get you online?
We have our own website, ShutterYou, to host all your pictures. Not just your ShutterBooth pictures, but your engagement photos, your bachelor/bachelorette party photos, the honeymoon, whatever milestone you choose to share with your guests, you can share with ShutterYou. They may have a generic site to host your photo booth pictures, but it won’t compare to a specifically designed website that aims to be the one stop shop for all your wedding pictures.

These are just a few of the questions you should be asking when choosing a photo booth rental company for your most special day. Check back often for more tips.