Personalize your photos, song list, or even the way that you’re introduced into your reception with a nod to you or your spouses profession! In the ShutterBooth prop box, its always great to add props that reflect your profession or hobbies!

These adorable school teachers met teaching and fell in love! So they would have to bring their love of teaching to their special day!slide_277753_2043587_free-300x200

This bride found a hero! A perfect match, indeed!slide_277753_2043582_free-e1374526046728-269x300

Sew a secret message onto the underside of your gown—only you’ll know it’s there, but it will add a sentimental touch to your bridal ensemble. This bride cut fabric from three generations of family members’ clothing into the shape of hearts. They were sewn into her dress so that she could “carry their hearts” with her. What a special something blue!slide_277753_2043568_free-e1374526285431-300x262


Or you could secretly scrawl a love letter for your ‘sole’ mate, on the sole of their shoe!slide_277753_2043682_free-e1374526580376-206x300

Bring lots and lots of beautiful color into your day with these ideas.

Colorful pom-poms can be tossed as the newlyweds exit down the aisle. And of course what a fun way to entertain the kids at your wedding by making a game out of picking up pom poms!slide_277753_2044047_free-e1374527024195-300x201

In lieu of having a receiving line or rice toss, this couple took a group photo with all of their guests, in which each person held a colorful balloon. After photos, have everyone let the balloons go and watch them float away! Or, simply bring them into the reception and use them to fill your party with lots of color!slide_277753_2044061_free-300x218

Are you and your groom as obsessed with Instagram as I am? Then, display a sign at your reception with a specific hashtag guests can use to track photos from your wedding. I love this idea, pictures can be shared and who doesn’t love coming up with hashtags?! You can even upload mini videos!slide_277753_2076117_free-300x218

When you come up with something that is special about you and your fiance, don’t just sit there with it, make it work for you to enhance your special day!

– Courtesy of ShutterBooth Hampton Roads