It has been said, “It takes a village”, meaning, in order for something to work well, it requires a team to be involved and participate.  Our “village” here at The Yacht Club at Marina Shores,  with its staff, its talented and creative vendors, delicious food, its lovely views and room decor of the Shoreline, Yacht Club and soon to be Coastal Rooms, all combined create a night to remember!   One may also say, it starts with a vision.  This month, Preston Bailey, renowned master event designer, met with our senior catering staff at the Uniquely Yours Bridal VIP event at the Oceanfront Hilton.  He shared with our catering staff breathtaking slides of his creations, only to reiterate how it required his ‘team’ to put it all together.  Without them, he said, it would never be as he imagined or designed.   At The Yacht Club, it is about YOUR vision for YOUR event.  With your choices and our contributing talents, we will make it happen!

Something to keep in mind when you are selecting a venue, at The Yacht Club, every inch of design and planning is coordinated with each vendor.  Once you have selected menu items from your Cuisine & Company wedding package, whether it is seated plated or stations, every detail is considered, from the initial preparation of your food, which tastes delicious, to the food setting where it is displayed with creativity and loveliness.  We believe in quality, still, after 30 years of catering!

And a big ‘hello’ from all of us here at Cuisine & Company to the wonderful brides and their families we met and spoke to at the Uniquely Yours Bridal Show at the Norfolk Scope Exhibition!  We hope we were able to answer your questions and we look forward to working with you in the near future.  Congratulations!

Dina shaking hands with Preston Bailey

Here is our Senior Catering Coordinator, Dina Taylor, greeting Preston at the VIP event and Sue from The Yacht Club at Marina Shores!