Unless you’re already a model or you’ve been practicing with your ‘selfies’, you may be caught off guard with how to pose for your wedding photos.  What is a flattering angle?  What do I do with my hands? Argghhhhh!!!! These are going to be the most cherished photos you take and you’ll want to be prepared. We’ve scoured the web and talked with our trusted photographers to come up with some quick pointers on the basics.

The Basics.
  • Create separation between your limbs and your body.

Create separation

  • Have a basic understanding of light and shadows.

Understand light and shadows

  • Keep your gaze in line with your nose.

Keep your gaze in line with your nose

  • Elongate your neck while keeping your chin down.

Elongate your neck

  • Place one foot behind the other with your weight on the back foot.

Step on your back foot

  •  Create a ‘fake waist’.

Create an illusion with your hands

  • Un-square your shoulders.

Do not square up with the camera - keep an angle

  • Keep your hands loose and fluid.


  • Never have your knees directly facing the camera.

Do not face your knees toward the cameraDo not face your knees toward the camera