“Every Good Party Has A Photobooth” -Matt Lauer

“Every good party has a photobooth” – Matt Lauer on the Today Show, and we at ShutterBooth couldn’t agree more! Today’s trendy bride rolls out the red carpet for her guests, including a photobooth for all of her guests to hop in, show their true personality, and to have a memorable keepsake to take home!

The trickling stream of photobooths as the “It” factor to any party has becoming a raging flood. The true way to tell a great party is by the entertainment and what guests talk about after the lights fade and the music’s gone. Photobooths are truly the one memento that gets proudly displayed on refrigerators everywhere. Don’t miss out on this great and fun trend, make sure there’s a ShutterBooth at your next party!Give your guests something to talk about - ShutterBooth

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