Customize Your Wedding with Astro Entertainment

Astro Entertainment at The Yacht Club

It’s your big day and you have chosen The Yacht Club at Marina Shores.  Your DJ is Astro Entertainment – now what?  Astro and The Yacht Club have much to offer to personalize your wedding to your exact tastes. For example, recently Danny Gray DJ’d the ceremony and reception for Katie and Jeffrey Hoover. The ceremony had a traditional feel to it as classical music filled the air. The couple modernized the event by adding a tree planting ceremony in lieu of a unity candle.

As the ceremony wrapped up and the wedding party was off to take photos, the guests were invited to partake in the cocktail hour in the stunning Coastal Room. While guests enjoyed hor d’oeuvres, Astro’s Instant Memories Photo/Video Booth offered them a chance to capture some fun photos and leave the newlyweds a video message.

Once the photos were finished the wedding party was introduced to Chris Brown’s “Forever” followed by the bride and groom dancing their way in to T.I.’s “Bring Em Out”. Katie and Jeffrey then joined in their first dance to The Smashing Pumpkins’ “Dancing in the Moonlight“.

The night progressed into dancing and fun well into the evening. As the music continued to get folks up and moving, the smiles and laughs could be seen and heard throughout the venue. The night wrapped up with all the guests surrounding the newlyweds chanting “Hoover, Hoover, Hoover” as Drake’s “Hold On, We’re Going Home” played.

Customize your wedding. Start with the elegant charms of Marina Shores then let Astro customize the rest. Want to add interactive elements? Visual displays? Lighted Dance Floor?  Photo Booths? Astro offers much to customize your wedding to your exact specifications!


2 Responses to “Customize Your Wedding with Astro Entertainment”
  1. Katie Hoover says:

    Danny made our night perfect!!!! We choose the best of the best in all our vendors and our night couldn’t have flowed more smoothly!!! Danny at Astro listened to all of our concerns and played the most perfect music combination throughout the whole night!!! My new husband and I love rap but our parents…. not so much!!! So my main concern was that we could all be happy and Danny did just that!!!
    Our first dance song had been our song for our entire relationship, but the only version we had was a live version…. and it was a hard song to find…. but Danny did it!!!
    My photo and video booth was amazing and I highly recommend using Astro for that!!!! It was so pretty!!! Astro took my wedding invitation and matched that to customize the bottom of the photo booth strip and also used that same font and design on the back of the photo booth where a huge screen constantly changed with our pictures from the past 7 years of our relationship!!!!
    Danny went the extra mile for us– he was the most perfect DJ and I am so glad that we we’re lucky enough to book him!!!!

    • Katie Hoover says:

      Oh also I have to say that the Photo Booth book is a must!!!! We chose to have a second Photo Booth attendant there to make us a scrapbook filled with all the pictures taken that night. She would cut the pictures, arrange them, and then have the guests sign next to their pictures!!! THIS WAS THE BEST!!!!!! She even designed the book so once the wedding was over the book was complete!!! This was so much better than a guest book!!!! We had so much fun looking and laughing at all the picture strips and comments!!! Definitely one of my favorite things from the whole wedding!!!

      I also heard from all the guests that the Photo Booth attendants would print out as many copies of the strips as each group or couple wanted!!! Each person in the picture got a picture as well as one going in the book!! That was just too perfect…. since most Photo Booth’s only print 2 copies of the picture and that is it.


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