BridesmaidsSo, let’s hear it, brides. What’s almost as fun to shop for as your wedding gown???? Bridesmaid’s dresses, of course! Not unlike playing dress-up as a little girl, taking your special gals to find the fabrics they’ll wear to your big day is just about as close to a perfect time as you can get.

Throw in pedicures and some champagne and you’re in the throws of matrimonial preparatory bliss. But the bridesmaid gown hunt isn’t always just fun and games, and it isn’t always easy.

Take an average of 5 ladies and try to get them all to agree on a dress that will compliment each of their unique features, shapes and sizes, and well, maybe things aren’t as blissful as they started out.

But here’s ShutterBooth Hampton Roads‘ 3 Tips for the Perfect Bridesmaids Dress Shopping Experience:

1. Have a Game Plan

Be sure to have an idea of the type of gown your looking for, general color scheme, fit and style before you even get the gals together. Otherwise, be prepared for more opinions than you can keep track of, and potential clashing of the titans. You wouldn’t lead troops to battle, without a strategy  . . . trust us, this scenario is just as important.

2. Be Considerate of Your Bridesmaid’s Feelings

There may be certain styles of colors that make one or more of your bridesmaids seem a little unenthusiastic about. Don’t immediately peg them as drama queens. It could be an insecurity they’re dealing with that makes them extra sensitive to certain looks on their body types. Be flexible when it comes to this. It’s your day, but she’s being a friend to you in participating, and you want to make your ladies feel as good about themselves as you do.

3. Remember to Have Fun!

It can be easy to let the stresses of planning your big day build up until it all feels a little overwhelming, even like a chore. Mix in emotion and differing opinions, and  your headed for a storm. Keep in mind what you’re all gathered together for and make it fun! Kick off your heels and let the dress-up begin!

Well, there you have it! ShutterBooth Hampton Roads’ top three tips for a flawless bridesmaid dress shopping experience.

Happy Planning!!