There are so many decisions to make on your wedding day, planning your timeline is one that creates the most stress for brides. As photographers our goal is always to help your day run as smooth as possible with the least amount of stress. Here’s a fabulous option you may want to take a look at.

A First Look (first glance or reveal) is when the bride and groom meet privately before the ceremony and the photographer captures that moment. Some brides and grooms are hesitant to do this as it breaks tradition or they think it might spoil their moment down the aisle. However, the beauty of doing a first look is you get to express your emotion authentically in a way that is impossible to do during your ceremony. You should allow 30 minutes for this process. Since first looks generally only take a few minutes we can then utilize the rest of the half hour to finish up your Signature Portraits as a couple.

That being said, it is not for every couple, but a first look can provide the sweetest most intimate images of your wedding day. If you are a bride considering whether or not to schedule a first look on your big day, take a look at some of the amazing moments that caught our eye.

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