An alternative to a seated, plated luncheon or dinner served by waiters, some wedding couples are selecting a more casual, mix and mingle atmosphere with dining “Stations” or “Mini B’s”. One fun and very popular food station, suggests Cuisine & Company caterers is a “Groom Station”. With the groom station, you may either select menu items from your wedding package or create a groom station based on your groom’s personal tastes and taste buds! The groom will enjoy choosing some of his favorite foods as well as being a part of the reception planning. One groom working with our Cuisine & Company caterers chose to set up a “Bourbon Bar” with a lounge area. Your groom’s preferences may offer your guests the chance to sample foods they may never have tasted or expected! Sometimes, the bride will surprise the groom with his own, groom station. “His” station may be setup wherever your reception allows and include yummy, delicious fun food items like, boneless buffalo wings, cheeseburger sliders, open faced BLT’s, mini pizzas, beverages or sweets! One bride surprised her groom with mini Boston Red Sox plastic caps! Guests filled their Sox caps with ice cream and an assortment of sundae toppings! If you choose to have a Groom Station in addition to your package menu selections, choose three to four menu items. We know the food will be amazing and the guests will leave with smiles on their faces. And the groom, well… he will have enjoyed the nice feeling of having a place to call his own, his “Groom Station”. And that’s a good thing!