Flowers are perhaps the most beautiful form of living art. Although many may harbor the preconceived notion that flowers are only a temporary expression of emotion, the devotion and time involved in creating unique and individual pieces is an art within itself.

Flowers serve the purpose to convey emotions that often times cannot be communicated by existing impediments. Many may perceive that floral design as simple and surface, but the art of flower arranging is one that is comprised of much creative energy and focused attention not only to harmony between blooms, but also to the complementary nature of the thoughts being communicated. It may be established as an age old practice, but sending flowers can make your emotions good and bad just flow at life’s celebrations like weddings and social functions.

Over the past 26 years I have instilled in people who work with me how one single design can impact the total perception of the client. Details are so very important. At Black Iris we are always evolving with nature.

We are constantly creating new styles with modern twists or interesting new components. Our creative energies are focused on developing arrangements that speak volumes both in terms of emotion and unique style. Putting a new spin on simple ideas can make for an exciting especially
unique piece that breaks free from the predictable. What better way to tell someone you care by creating vibrant, living art as a testament of your personal affections?