Our wedding seasons have introduced us to some fun new wedding trends, along with some trends that continue to make appearances. From lush greenery to caffeine-loving couples, below are a few of our favorite wedding trends of 2017!

Arriving in Style!

The classic style of a Rolls Royce was a must-have with several of our couples this year! And we can’t say that we blame them – that’s one incredible ride!

Coffee, Coffee, Coffee

Our couples love their coffee! Some of our couples chose to show that their “the perfect blend” by incorporated coffee beans into their favors and groom’s cake. How adorable is that? This is one trend that we can definitely get behind!

Rustic Chic

You might not think that the words “rustic” and “chic” go together, but our brides beg to differ! We saw a mix of different elements this year, from combining sequin tablecloths & hand-made wooden arches to bridal ball gowns with rustic sweetheart table setups. Our couples combined rustic elements with chic & glam decor like we’ve never seen (even going as far as to hire incredible design companies, like Rusty Cottage Vintage Rentals)!

Edison Bulbs

Almost every weekend (it seemed), our friends at Blue Steel Lighting could be found stringing Edison bulbs on our deck! This trend was insanely popular among our couples this year and made for some incredible spaces, both inside and out.

All of the Greenery

Eucalyptus, evergreen, moss- 2017 was the year for greenery! This Pantone color of the year made an appearance in almost every wedding, it seemed like, and the results were beautiful! Isha Foss strung greenery everywhere- on our walls, in bouquets, in napkins, on cakes and even through the ceiling!

Succulents were also a favorite to give as favors. We loved seeing our brides get creative with this minimalist element to yield some seriously gorgeous decor!